Dear Friend

On the 31 October this year we celebrated the 500th anniversary of the REFORMATION which changed the history of the church world-wide. I spoke about this in September, but in case you missed the occasion, or fell asleep, this is what the “Reformation” was about.

Martin Luther, a Roman Catholic Monk, felt change was needed in the church and challenged the Pope with his 95 point statement which he nailed to the door of the Wittenburg Church door in Germany. Not only did this spark the birth of the Protestant Church, but also brought some changes to the Roman Catholic Church.

The main emphasis was freedom:

(1)  that all people could read and own a Bible, not just the priests;

(2) salvation (being forgiven of our sins) was through faith, not through confession to a priest or purchasing it through indulgences;

(3) Individual spiritualities (what the person believes), not just what he is taught from the pulpit, or by church doctrine and authorities. We have freedom of choice over moral issues;

(4) A new form of worship not tied to liturgy or just choral singing

If you want to learn more about the Reformation, the Latimer Church is having a talk and film on Luther at 6pm on November 4th.

Your friend and Pastor