Dear Friends

It’s always a joy to share good news, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, itself GOOD NEWS! We had a red letter day in our Church in September when we had a Baptismal Service. It is four years since our last baptism and one of the people who was baptised, Chris, has been asking to be baptised for this length of time.

It was good we could meet together as a family of the church in June and Dave’s back garden and use a hot tub, something we have never done before, but it was ideal.

Congratulations to the four members who went through the waters of baptism in obedience to Christ’s command — see Matthew 28: 18-20. For those baptised, may it not only be a day to remember but may it also have been a milestone in their Faith now that they are new creations in Jesus.

What about YOU? Have you been baptised or would you like to be one of the candidates at our next church baptismal service? Don’t forget, as I have already said, it is a command by Jesus and is to be obeyed

Every blessing.

Your friend and Pastor