Dear Friends

In the last two months I have had two exciting experiences regarding flying.

The first was a flight from Leven airfield to celebrate a special birthday.  I flew with my two sons in a small Cessna aircraft for 30 minutes, flying over Beverley and near the Humber Bridge, taking over the controls for part of the flight.  It was a memorable time and I am pleased to say we landed safely!!

The second flight was returning from a holiday in Germany.  We took off safely from Dusseldorf airport but when we got near to Leeds/Bradford airport, we experienced gale force winds and a lot of turbulence, the aircraft being buffeted all over the place.  When the pilot tried to land a huge gust of wind hit us and, to avoid us crash landing, he had to put the engines into full throttle and take off again!  Hilary thought our time had come to meet Jesus face to face!!  I am pleased to report that we landed safely, eventually, at Manchester airport.

It was an interesting experience as you will imagine.  I just found myself trusting the Lord and the skill of the pilot, knowing all would be OK.  It reminded me of the scripture “underneath are the everlasting arms” and the song “I will rise upon eagles wings”.

So, whatever incident you find yourself in, keep trusting in the Lord, like the chorus of the “Lord’s my shepherd” tell us “and I will trust in You alone”.

Every blessing.

Your friend and Pastor